The Harlem Wizards Come to Bailey

Constance Davis, 4th Grade Reporter

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The Harlem Wizards Come to Bailey
Just recently, Big Mike, a basketball player from the Harlem Wizards came to Richard James
Bailey School to show off some tricks and tell us about their performances. He picked 13 people
from the audience to play a passing game and I was one of them. This is how it worked, Big
Mike was in the middle and he passed the ball to us. Here’s the trick, if you drop the ball when
he trick passes it to you the whole crowd screams ‘’You’ve been tricked!!’’ The whole point of
the game was to be fast and cautious of your surroundings. Finally after everyone got out it was
just me and Brooke, a sixth grade student, also from the audience.He passed the ball to Brooke,
and she dropped it. That means I won!!!! I was so happy. And my prize for winning was a
headband, bracelet, and a free ticket to their game in May!!!!!

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The Harlem Wizards Come to Bailey