The Fifth Grade IB Project

Ceylon, 5th grade staff writer

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The fifth graders are working on a project of The American Association, Sickle Cell Disease Association, and others. In the beginning,they received questions and had to research and answer questions about the association.Then they wrote in a journal so teachers know what they are up to. In the middle,the students did posters in the art room or at home to represent the association.Then, they began to do their writing piece which has the introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. When they are done they can type or write their piece. When it is time the teacher will get the students to the technology room to do a power point. On April all draft papers are due and are handed to the teacher. On May technology projects are due and so are research papers. When there’s time students will get a board to put pictures and information on the association to present to others. That is the project that students are doing in R.J Bailey School.

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The Fifth Grade IB Project