March is Women’s History Month

Connie Davis and Paiten Shama, 4th grade staff writers

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Women’s history month is a great time to spend time with a women important to you. IN 1981 Congress passed a law that said that women’s History Month is in March and April. Now you’re probably thinking “oh those girls are so selfish that they only stood up for themselves and not all girls oh WOW” but they stood up for ALL Women. Women used to not be able to vote or fight in the army. In 1783 Deborah Sampson was first to fight in the army although she disguised herself as a man but when she got wounded her gender was discovered. In the 1850 Florence Nightingale was the first women to be a nurse! In the mid 1900 she stood up for women’s voting rights! You know Women’s history month is not such a small event. It had a movement and everything! Many women stood up for these rights.Now boys don’t have a month but hey in the begining of time all people were called men! Also by “History” we don’t mean textbook history we mean all women we all play a big role in the women’s history movement And believe it or not we still have injustice in the world.

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March is Women’s History Month